Silver Creek Church Holds Clorox Drive For Marquette County Residents

MARQUETE, Mich – Cleaning, it’s a habit most of us picked up during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Silver Creek Church and Thrift Store assisted the public in fighting the war on germs and bacteria by giving away free Clorox cleaning supplies this morning.

Though the church mainly holds food drives, thrift store director Kristina Mutersbaugh said helping keep homes clean and safe is just as important.

“There’s a lot of need happening in Marquette and there are many people looking to get stuff for their kids for school, to feed, survive and other expenses,” said Kristina Mutersbaugh, the Silver Creek Thrift Store Director. “This is something that takes one more thing off their plate to worry about. We are all trying to stay clean and safe and healthy.”

Convoy of Hope and Clorox partnered with Silver Creek Church to make the event possible.

Mutersbaugh said that the church is thankful to both organizations for their help and contributions.

“We’re just thankful Convoy of Hope was able to do this for us and that Clorox is partnering,” Mutersbaugh said. “We really want to show our community that we care for them.”

For more information on when the next supply drive is visit Silver Creek Church in Marquette, MI