U.P. Children’s Museum Holds “Hallo-Cats And Dogs Event”

MARQUETTE, Mich – An Upper Peninsula museum put on a spook–tastic event this afternoon.

The U.P. Children’s Museum held a “Hallo–Cats and Dogs” event today in the museum courtyard.

Education Coordinator Mister Jim Edwards said the museum was happy to finally hold an in–person event.

“For the last year, it has been grocery bags going home and being on Zoom. I want to open it up and I want to do programming in-person. I want these children to smile at folks and do hands-on activities,” Mr. Jim said. “Right now, it will rain tomorrow and it rained yesterday, but it is a lovely day. We were here last month and doing activities in the courtyard. We have a painter coming in today, an artist, and we’ll be doing things in the museum store, but a lot of it is going station to station and doing lots of hands on things.”

Kids young and old got to listen to a reading of “The Good Luck Cat” by Joy Harjo.

There was also pumpkin painting and arts and crafts.

They even got to take a home a book.

Mister Jim said these events teach children valuable lessons and he wants to hold in–door events come winter time.

“You can happen upon learning, it’s around the corner. So you come into the courtyard, I love this setting, and whoop there it is and it looks good and it looks funny and we’ve hidden somethings in the trees,” said Mr. Jim. “I really hope we are back in the museum, upstairs, in January. It will be too cold to be down here. We hope the whole situation will be changed and we have a whole year planned of second Thursdays.”

The next event at the museum is “Spooky Science Night” in two weeks.

For more information about future events at the children’s museum visit the link below.