Moosewood Nature Center To Hold Harvest Festival

The Moosewood Nature Center wants to show residents some of the things nature has to offer this weekend.

The center has a mission of celebrating nature in the Upper Peninsula through education and action.

It’s harvest festival has the additional benefit of bringing the community together in natural settings.

“We’re doing our Fall Festival this year for a couple of reasons. We’re not doing our haunted bog this year, which is our big fundraiser, but it’s also a chance to get a lot of people in to visit us that haven’t been here,” said Board Member Scot Stewart. “We thought we would do a big two-day event and we would have a number of things going on to attract people from a whole wide range of interests. We have six events planned for the two days this Saturday and Sunday.”

Festival activities include the fan favorite dino dig, an autumn tree walk, a hunt for salamanders, frogs and other swamp creatures and a pumpkin carving and painting station.

One event that used to be held every month was a bird walk, which will return this weekend.

“We want to get people out here that haven’t been out here before or people that have been here before or maybe people have missed out on a previous event, that hope to attend. There used to be bird walks out here with another organization every month and Presque Isle is one of the best places to go birding and maybe people never being here before will let them walk around and see something that haven’t before,” Stewart said. “We have phenomenal birding here throughout the whole year. At Moosewood, we never know what we are going to have out here. We have a flock of turkeys coming out here now and the Peregrine Falcons are cruising out here with the Merlins. Inside, we have some great new exhibits that people will also get a chance to see.”

Stewart said the center is expecting around 100 people at the event.

So if you need something to do this weekend, head on down to the Moosewood Nature Center and enjoy the Autumn air.