Oil and water don’t mix. A natural phenomenon that shows up often during oil spills. The Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition believes that Enbridge, the Canadian company who owns Line 5, needs to stop manipulating public opinion around the condition of the pipeline. The coalition’s Presidents Horst Schmidt, says that there will be a webinar on their Facebook page tonight with speaker Sean McBreaty.

There are many concerns with the pipeline, including the legal maneuvers over the past year that Enbridge was applied in order to delay the shutdown of the oil production in the state of Michigan.

The webinar starts at 8 pm tonight, and is titled water and oil don’t mix. The presentation will discuss what tactics the oil company has taken during the previous year. As well as the many issues that involves line 5, especially the issues with the line in the Straits of Mackinaw.

Link to the Webinar;


Meeting ID: 831 1343 8020

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