The Calumet Theatre was Shaken Up at Annual Member Meeting

The Calumet Theatre Company hopes to turn over a new leaf this fall. Over the previous few months the theater has been in hot water with the community, members and the village council, according to the Mining Gazette. But on Monday at the annual member meeting, the company voted in four new board members. Bethany Jones the Theatre Company’s Marketing Director says that the meeting was productive and a lot of discussion took place between the board and members.

Dan Jamison will take over as the new Board President. The other newcomer to the board is Michelle Southerland, she will hold the position of Treasurer. Two long time members, Diane St. Amour and Bob Wareham, were added. St. Amour holds the position of Secretary. The theater wants to repair the relationship with the community says Jones.

Time will tell how things work for the company in the coming months. Today UP Engineers and Architects, along with the National Park Service, took an assessment of damages to the 120 year old building. In recent weeks the Village Council sent a letter requesting to inspect the property, as a part of the lease agreement with the Calumet Theatre Company. The Calumet Theater was one of the first municipal venues in the country when construction completed in 1900. And will continue to be the people theater in the future.