Cat owners know that when their furry friend has a chance to take a nap, they make the most of it.

 The Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter received a special grant that could create a nap-tastic experience for any feline.

Enter Kitty Kasa’s, a special kind of bed that their kittens currently use.

 Community Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator Ann Brownell explained the decision to purchase the Kitty Kasas.

 “We are part of the Petfinder Foundation. The Petfinder has shelters across the nation that are part of them to showcase animals and they have grants that are offered. One of the grants is a “Cat Enrichment” grant,” said Brownell. “We applied and thought “What could we really use to enrich the lives of the kitties while they wait for their loving homes?” Kitty Kasas are made for shelters and vet clinics, this quality Kitty Kasa are amazing. Kitty’s can go inside of them, they feel protected, they can hide if they wish and there’s access to check what’s going on.”

Kittens don’t know how long it will be until they get find their forever homes.

Brownell said the kasas are perfect for the kittens because there are so  many ways they can use them.

“We have Kuranda beds right now and they are wonderful. Cats can sit up on top or go underneath. But the Kitty Kasas are more enclosed and the opening is the face of a cat. They are colorful and they serve the purpose of the kitty being able to retreat, hide, take a nap without being coming up to the kennel and waking them up,” Brownell said. “Cats when they first get here are stressed out, shy, don’t know what’s going on. Having a little safe protection area like that, a little safe haven, helps them relax.”

If you are interested in adopting one of these lovable kittens you can contact UPAWS at 906-475-6661 or by visiting their website at the link below.

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