City of Houghton and Life After the Parking Deck

The city of Houghton will hold a public forum tomorrow about the parking deck downtown. The special meeting will allow the public to engage with the city council and staff to decide what the city will do with the parking deck downtown. The parking deck located on Lakeshore Drive is in need of repair or a complete tear down. The city hopes that during this session on Wednesday the 29th will allow the public to have a say in how the space is used in the future. There will be presentation from Pat Coleman, a Planner with the company, North of 45, about possible uses, how and why the parking deck needs to come down and help to facilitate the meeting. The city council has asked participants to bring a mask with them, as there will be a large amount of people participating. Mask will also be provided at the door if you forget yours. The special meeting will be held at the Bonfire restaurant on Montezuma Avenue, and starts at 5:30 pm.