Study quantifies economic benefits in downtown investments

A new study reveals the many benefits of investing in local downtowns.

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) wanted to know how investing in public sectors could help the economy.

Dynamo Metrics developed a study into how these investments can benefit both investors and residents.

“Basically, folks invest in your downtown,” said C-founder and CEO Nigel Griswold. “Then, people spend time. It creates vibrancy. It builds economy and a sense of place.”

Griswold added that Dynamo Metrics was chosen for the study because they found a way to quantify how effective these placemaking investments would be.

Simply put, the MEDC wanted concrete evidence and dynamo metrics was able to deliver.

The study found a 1.2 times multiplier on property values that are near the investment.

To read more of the report about investing into downtowns, streetscapes, and more, visit Analytics, Planning, and Reporting Software for Local Government | Dynamo Metrics