March On for Voting Rights in Marquette this weekend

This weekend is your chance to march for voting rights, right here in the Upper Peninsula.

Marquette will host one of two Michigan voting rights marches, the other being in Detroit.

On Saturday at 3 p.m., attendees will have the chance to show their support for voting rights.

“Voting rights are precious, and need to be protected, and need to be exercised,” said Marge Forslin, one of the march’s organizers. “If we try to cut anybody out, then we don’t have a strong nation. What is our motto? ‘E pluribus unum,’ from many, one.”

The march is part of a national campaign which aims to protect the integrity of democracy. This specific march will focus on newly-proposed voting restrictions, even after the election investigation by Michigan republican Ed McBroom.

The march for voting rights will begin at the Marquette Commons and will end at the Courthouse Plaza on Third Street.

Below is a map of the route.


Courtesy: March On for Voting Rights