The Town of Republic was approved to remove the Republic Dam starting in the spring of 2022. However, they are still in need of donations and grant funding.

Jim Brennan, The Town of Republics’ Supervisor and Secretary of Michigamme River Basin and Water Resource Improvement Authority, stated that although they came along way with raising funds they still need roughly half of the total cost. The total cost is 1.3 million dollars. They are exploring grant opportunities to cover the damn’s removal as well as building a fish passage.

Township residents have already approved a millage for the project.

They’d accept donations too.

He added that without rain they don’t have a river and without a spillway they don’t have a river. This leads to swimming in muck and the water being too low for boats combined with the loss of habitat.


In order to move forward, Brennan said they are currently working on a millage for the project but are pursuing other funding opportunities too.

Donations are welcome and there are working on a grant for the dam removal and a grant for a fish hatchery.

They now have roughly half of the 1.3 million needed to complete the project.


After adding the permanent spillway they’ll install fish ladders for passage as well as restock the river with whitefish and trout which were once abundant in the river.

If their financial requirements are met, the project will be completed by the fall of 2023

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Or call 906-376-8827