HANCOCK – People in the city of Hancock can now file insurance claims against a trucking firm involved fuel spill on U.S. 41 in June.

A K-and-V Transport company tanker tipped over on U.S. 41. On June 25.

The truck spilled approximately sixty-five-hundred gallons of gasoline mixed with diesel fuel.

Residents in the area of the spill had to leave their homes because fuel had seeped into the storm drains.

Some businesses closed for a day or more as a result of the accident.

People, businesses or organizations impacted by the spill can file claims with Great West Casualty Company, according to a notice in the Houghton Mining Gazette.

Written and signed claims against the trucking company should specify the amount of damage caused and include all forms of evidence as proof, the notice states.

Claims can be submitted to Russ Beardsley. The mailing address is: Great West Casualty, Co. Attn: Russ Beardsley, 110 W. 29th Street, South Sioux City, Nebraska, 68776 or via email r.beardsley@gwccnet.com, claim number – R 19277.

Claimant’s support phone number is (402)494-7789.