Star Line Mackinac Island Hydro-Jet Ferry Offering Transportation for the Iconic Mackinac Bridge Labor Day Walk

Star Line Mackinac Island Hydro-Jet Ferry will offer transportation for the iconic Mackinac Bridge Labor Day Bridge walk on September 6.

Participants who walk the entire bridge and don’t arrange their transportation will have to walk back the entire length before noon.

Star Line is an exciting option for those who walk the entire span

But, reservations fill up quick.

Also, they’ve been part of the iconic walk for the past four years.

The ferry starts at 6 am on both sides of the strait. The boats will alternate from each side of the strait every other hour until noon. It’s a 40 minute ride each direction and it costs $20. dollars for adults and $10.00 dollars for children.

For more information on how to make Ferry reservations as well as info regarding the Mackinac Walk visit: