Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! launches Clean Slate UP

Photo Courtesy: Upper Peninsula Michigan Works!

Better jobs, housing, and educational opportunities are now available to those with prior criminal convictions.

Clean Slate UP is an Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! program which aims to help those with prior convictions move ahead in their career.

This is done through petitioning for expungement with the help of a career Navigator.

Clean Slate UP will also cover many of the costs of applying for expungement.

Clients are only responsible for fingerprinting, requests for expungement of each conviction, and a $50 payment to the State of Michigan.

Darren Widder, policy and programs manager with Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! said in a recent press release that the program not only helps with the expungement process, but also makes sure clients have the right resources to move forward in their careers and educations.

For more information, cleanslateup – UP Michigan Works!