Two Chippewa County child abuse cases conclude


In Chippewa County, two child abuse cases have concluded after multiple years.

Yesterday, two men were sentenced to prison time after separate investigations.

In the first, Robert Guilmette, 29, was sentenced to 11 to 30 years for child abuse of the first degree after cracking a 4–year–old’s skull. During proceedings, Guilmette also admitted to breaking an 18-month-old’s hand in 2017, and spanking a toddler to the point of bruising in 2019.

The second case sentenced Clifford Earl Bailey, 39, to 24 months to 10 years in prison. He was convicted of second–degree child abuse and domestic violence after pushing his mother off a porch and kicking a minor who tried to intervene.

The Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office noted that both cases show the difficulty in investigating and prosecuting child abuse cases.

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