Two Upper Michigan Men Sentenced In Crimes

MENOMINEE, Mich – Two upper Michigan men were sentenced to prison time by the Menominee County Prosecutor.

Cody Michael Miller was sentenced to two to five years for threating to shoot up the Hannahville Indian School in Harris Township.

Miller pled guilty on May 19th to Attempted Threat of Terrorism.

Officers found four guns and ammunition on Miller in October 2019.

Miller was at the school when he made the threat.

The other man, Jeremy Lee Bertrand, pleaded guilty to Child Sexually Abusive Activity and was sentenced to 18 months to 20 years in prison.

Bertrand was caught chatting online with the intent to engage children in Sexually Abusive Activity at a Menominee hotel.

He answered an ad, agreeing to pay for sex with a minor online and was found to have $200 on him for the transaction.

The ad was part of “Operation Northern Exposure” spearheaded by the Upper Peninsula Human Trafficking Task Force.