Dial Help Seeking Community Feedback

Dial Help is the only crisis center located in the UP, offering a 24/7 crisis line and a variety of other programs. They just released their annual stakeholder survey and are looking for feedback from the community. This information is used when creating new programs, strategic plans, and more.

“We’re looking for input from other agencies, donors, community members, and especially clients who have used our services,” said Rebecca Crane, Dial Help Executive Director. “The survey only takes five or ten minutes to complete, and it really helps us identify strengths, areas for improvement, and trends like the best way to reach people.”

You can find the survey online at www.dialhelp.org, or call Dial Help at 906-482-9077 to have a paper copy mailed to you. Crisis services are available 24/7 by calling 906-482-HELP, texting 906-35NEEDS, or chatting online.  Connect with them on Facebook or Instagram @dialhelp.