Three Sons Of Ishpeming Monument Unveiled

ISHPEMING, Mich -The Three Sons of Ishpeming finally had their day.

The Three Sons of Ishpeming monument was unveiled today at the Ishpeming Heritage Plaza.

The monument commemorates Glen T. Seaborg, John Voelker, and Clarence “Kelly” Johnson.

Ishpeming residents celebrated the unveiling of the monument.

“It’s a recognition for the city of Ishpeming and of the contributions from former residents and natives of the city,” said Lindsay Bean, Mayor of Ishpeming. “It’s good to recognize that as it’s something the families of the individuals and the residents of Ishpeming can take pride in and something where we can say that these people came from Ishpeming.”

The City of Ishpeming can finally enjoy the finished product after two years of construction.

City Officials say the Marietti family spent almost every day at the monument – whether it be planting grass and shrubs or laying bricks and building the foundation.

“Where I’m standing was an eight to twelve foot hole at one point in time and the massive concrete here is built to hold and withstand the 15 tons of the weight of that rock. They had to make special concrete mixes. The forms were made by masonry guys in the shop to make sure they pour it correctly and to hold its shape,” said Craig Cugini, City Manager of Ishpeming. “Bob Marietti and his wife Cheryl were out here almost daily pulling weeds, scraping back Earth and even went and found some donations to put in a sprinkler system in to make sure it gets regular water, even when no one is monitoring it. And there’s a whole lot of love and care from all the folks who came out and worked on this project.”

Organizers plan to add more monuments to the brand new plaza.

The monument is located on Hematite Drive across the street from the Ishpeming Post Office.

For more information about the Three Sons Memorial or future projects, visit the Ishpeming Heritage Plaza Facebook page. The link is below:

Ishpeming Heritage Plaza | Facebook