Michigan has officially reopened. What does that mean for small business leaders?

Michiganders statewide are celebrating as the state is fully open today with business restrictions lifted.

However, what does this mean for the organizations who support our local businesses? Here, these organizations include the Lake Superior Community Partnership (LSCP) and the Greater Ishpeming-Negaunee Area of Chamber of Commerce (GINACC).

“The support that the chamber has done through the pandemic is different than what we had originally been doing, but it’s the same philosophy,” says GINACC Executive Director Bob Hendrickson.

“We help with businesses all the way from start-up to succession planning, and prior to COVID, we were helping businesses with anything they may have needed help with. And with COVID, that shifted drastically. It’s kind of nice with the changes going back to helping businesses with what they were struggling with prior to the pandemic,” agrees Mary Meyers, the Director of Business Development at LSCP.

Both Hendrickson and Myers state their organizations are excited for the re-opening of the state, as it gives them to work with small businesses, not on COVID damage control, but on developing on a deeper level.