Batteries are an integral part for most households in the 2st century. And the proper disposal of them is integral too.

Marquette County’s Landfill and Recycling Center has an urgent message for both residential and business disposal of batteries. Specifically, lithium-ion batteries.

Both the haulers who pick up our refuse and the environment surrounding the landfills are jeopardized when batteries are wrongfully trashed.



  1. When damaged, lithium-ion batteries pose a major health and safety issue.  This is a fire hazard that impacts the haulers and MCSWMA employees.  Environmental impacts can be disastrous.  Buildings, structures, and equipment can be destroyed.  Significant financial loss.


  1.  Do not throw batteries in your trash, dumpster, recycling bin and/or recycling drop off location.


  1. For residents, batteries can be recycled through our household hazardous waste (HHW) collections or dropped off at our facility.  For businesses, contact MCSWMA for recycling option information.


The MCSWMA is working to create more access to battery recycling within the municipalities.  In addition, a robust battery recycling awareness campaign will launch soon.


For more information on battery disposal awareness and free battery recycling services visit: