Lexi LaCombe signs with St. Norbert Swimming & Diving

MARQUETTE, Mich. – Another Marquette senior has signed to continue their athletic career into college.

Senior Lexi LaCombe signed her letter of intent to take her talents to Saint Norbet’s College this fall.

Lexi’s decision on Saint Norbert came from her time visiting the college and meeting the team.

“I made my decision to continue my education and swimming career at Saint Norbert due to the amazing experience I had during my visit to their campus. When I arrived on campus, I felt at home. I felt a connection with Coach Hannah [Saiz] from our first phone call and when I met her in person it solidified that she was the right coach for me. Another factor to my decision was their small class sizes, state of the art science facility and their exceptional pre-med program. I am very excited to be a part of the Saint Norbert swim team for the next four years!”

“I knew that before the season started because Lexi is very persistent and likes to know what the next step is. She knew that she had a job to do, and she helped keep everything organized. So that we were able to make it happen. We wanted to be the team that did it right, and she was a big part of that.”  said Coach Nate McFarren on Lexi’s impact during the season.

Lexi LaCombe will major in chemistry on a pre-med track.

Congrats to LaCombe!