Missing Women and girls of the Native American Community

Katelyn Kelley was reported missing to the Menominee tribal police department on June 18, 2020. Her body was found on the Menominee Indian reservation in late march. The 22–year old was a mother, a sister, a friend.

But Katelyn’s story is all too familiar.  On some reservations, native American women are murdered at a rate 10 times the national average.

But cases like this are likely to be under–reported. A report from the urban Indian health institute found that of the 5,712 missing or murdered indigenous women and girls, only 116 were recorded in the national department of justice database.

This could be due to the long history of opposition between the Native American community and federal government, or something else.

In any case, this decades–long issue has native women like Rachel Fernandez fighting for their lives.

Fernandez, who serves on Wisconsin’s missing and murdered indigenous women task force, says outright indifference and inadequate resources have played a role in the crisis.

We reached out to both the FBI and tribal authorities for this story, but did not hear back.

For more information www.nativewomenswilderness.org/mmiw or the missing and murdered indigenous women us a face book page.