Plastic water bottles take 450 years to decompose. That’s not sustainable for Michigan’s future generations. And Northern Michigan University is tackling these issues on both a local and global scale.

So, during earth week, NMU wants to remind the public that little things, like throwing that plastic bottle into the recycle bin, can go a long way. Or, as Professor Mittlefehldt says “think locally; act globally.”

Earth Fest!

Earth Day, come join us (and many other clubs) in the Academic Mall to celebrate and protect the Earth! Various environment/sustainability-minded clubs will be set up on the lawn, either with information about how to get involved with them, an interactive activity, or both! We’ll be out from 12-4, feel free to stop by at any time! Masks must be worn correctly and social distancing followed for the entirety of the event.

For NMU’s 2021 Earth Day Event calendar visit: