Spread Goodness Day

The 4th annual Spread Goodness Day is this Friday, in Marquette.

Several businesses in Marquette along with Northern Michigan University will host events such as scavenger hunts and other charitable events to help spread goodness.

The non–profit event is to inspire a global day by encouraging individuals, schools, & organizations to spread goodness.

What do you do for Spread Goodness Day? Spread goodness. To whoever you want, however you want and to whatever extreme you want.

Celebrate goodness in your unique, do-gooder

Volunteer, buy a coffee, open a door or host your own event. This event is for anyone,
anywhere in the world.
Over the last three years, this event has inspired hundreds of thousands of acts of goodness
throughout the United States and across the globe. For 2021, the message is clear: The future IS bright and we are all gonna need shades. Our mission this year is to overwhelm social and
mainstream news media with GOODNESS!

For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/spreadgoodnessday/ or https://www.spreadgoodnessday.com/