Tips to make your winter drive safer


It may have started to feel like spring in the last few days. But despite the sunshine and warmer temperatures, winter hasn’t forgotten the u.p. yet.

The snow and wind in our weekend forcast could whip out some whiteout conditions that may take drivers by surprise.

Marquette police captain Mike Laurila noted when it comes to driving safely, we are all in this together.

Laurila said to avoid driving in whiteout conditions if possible, but if you must go out on the roads don’t engage in any other activity while driving.

Avoid eating, drinking, using a wireless phone for texting or calling or any other action that takes your attention away from the road.

Also, be proactive, make sure there are no mechanical problems with your vehicle, good tires are a must.

Before setting out on the road, always clean off your car completely. Being able to see and be seen is crucial.

Also, remember the roads could be slippery: drive slowly and avoid making sharp turns.

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