Michigamme Lakeside Gazebo still at issue

The Marquette County Road Commission weighed in on a small section of Lakefront property in Michigamme during its meeting on Tuesday.

The MCRC board of commissioners unanimously approved a letter that will be sent to the Michigamme Township Planning Commission and Township Board, asking officials to refrain from calling the 65-foot-by-25-foot parcel a park.

The gazebo that the township erected on the right-of-way at the corner of Max and Lake Streets can stay for the time being, according to the letter.

Michigan law statesthe county road commission owns all township roads and right of ways, meaning the MCRC would have to abandon the parcel before it could be purchased – it declined to do so.

The property has been in dispute since 2019, when an adjacent property owner asked for permission to purchase it.

The MCRC has been contacted multiple times about the property since its initial 2019 decision, the letter states.

The adjacent land owner has complained several times that individuals have moved items he owns such as docks and boat lifts related to the dispute.