After 54 years, Marquette’s Cedar Motor Inn is sold

MARQUETTE — After more than 50 years in business, one local motel has been sold.

The Cedar Motor Inn, located on US–41 just outside of Marquette, has been sold. Originally purchased in 1967, the Cedar Motor Inn had been continuously ran by the same family for 54 years.

According to one of the owners, the goodbye was an emotional one.

“It’s very surreal,” said Lyn Durant, former co-owner of the Cedar Motor Inn. “You put your life and heart and soul into something, and then give it to somebody else, it’s kind of different. It was our work and our home, because we lived right there [next to it]. It was kind of different to leave. There were some tears when we shut the door.”

The Cedar Motor Inn was sold to local real estate developer Base Hospitality Group.

It’s currently unknown what is planned for the motel’s property.

The Durant family told ABC 10 that the selling of the motel had nothing to do with the COVID–19 pandemic, rather a desire for retirement.