NMU’s Three Minute Thesis competition going virtual

MARQUETTE — A prestigious competition will continue this year, virtually.

NMU’s Three Minute Thesis competition has graduate students present a research topic to a panel of academic judges. Normally the competition would be done in front of an audience, to help students with presentation skills.

According to the organizer, holding this event is important for recognizing the hard work the students did in researching.

“As everything has kind have gone virtual and contracted a little bit, we haven’t interacted as much as we normally do.” said Jenelle Taylor, Coordinator for Graduate Studies & Research Affairs. “This is a great way for students and everyone attending to see the research that’s going on, to give some value to that research. Students are working really hard, and that’s not always acknowledged right now. So it’s a great connection point for everyone, and a great way for them to connect with other researchers.”

The winner of the competition will win $500, and have a chance to compete against other winners throughout the Midwest.

Participants will also receive an electronic badge, that they can post on their professional social media accounts.

The competition starts virtually on February 15th at 3 p.m.