Mission Point of Ishpeming reports COVID-19 outbreak

ISHPEMING — Mission Point of Ishpeming, a local nursing home, has reported an outbreak of COVID-19 among its staff and residents.

A statement released by Mission Point reads:

“The health, safety and wellbeing of our Mission Point of Ishpeming residents and staff members is our number one priority work through this global pandemic and unprecedented health crisis.

Our first resident tested positive on November 2.  That resident was asymptomatic and has never developed symptoms. Since that time, we have had a total of 49 residents test positive and 5 related deaths and two recoveries. We currently have 48 residents at our facility, 43 are positive, three are currently hospitalized, and four have tested negative.  We have had 24 staff members test positive and 10 of those staff members have recovered and already returned to work.

Our hearts and our sympathy go out the family members who have lost loved ones while in our care during this unprecedented time.  The effects of the pandemic on our residents, their families and our staff have been truly heartbreaking for all involved.

We are thankful and grateful for the heroic efforts of our staff.   The love and care that they have shown and continue to show for our residents and their families each and every day has been nothing short of inspiring. Since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, we have been closely monitoring and implementing the recommendations and requirements outlined by our local, state and federal health departments including the CDC.  We have taken all recommended measures to ensure the safety and protection of our residents, staff and community. If a resident tests positive, they are immediately transferred and cared for in our isolated Covid-19 unit. This unit is separated from the rest of the community and has its own dedicated staff. If the patient requires a higher level of care, the resident is transferred to the hospital.

We continue to follow screening procedures including daily temperature checks, a daily questionnaire is completed, and weekly Covid-19 tests for all staff members and twice weekly testing for all residents. The health and human effects of the pandemic have been incredibly difficult for many families.  No single group has been hit harder than skilled nursing facilities.  Our residents are the most vulnerable.  Their loved ones desperately want to physically connect with them.  And, as mandated by the state of Michigan our leadership and care givers need to do everything in their power to limit outside contact in an effort to protect everyone’s safety.

There are provisions in those mandates that allow loved ones to visit residents in end of life moments.  We fully support this opportunity for family members and make extraordinary arrangements to protect the safety of all involved in these situations.  Although we know that it does not replace the ability to visit in person, our caring staff is regularly supporting/coordinating video streaming and cell and landline calls with family and friends.  Mission Point of Ishpeming has several iPads and phones available for resident/family use.

We know how difficult this is for our residents and their families.  We experience it every day. Our front-line team is passionate about caring for our residents and their wellbeing and will continue to support them and their families in any and all ways possible.”  Andrea Olsen,  Administrator Mission Point of Ishpeming