Feeding America Comes Back to Ishpeming

ISHPEMING, Mich. – The Feeding America Food Bank made its monthly stop to the Ishpeming campus at Northiron Church.

Volunteers were handing out boxes with fresh produces such as tomatoes and cartons of milk via a drive-thru in the church parking lot.

According to Feeding America, 50 million people may face hunger in 2020 due to the pandemic, with 17 million of them being children. However, western Michigan volunteers distributed 25.3 million pounds of food – equivalent to 20 million meals.

Volunteer Matthew Bloch says, “It’s always been a need, but I think now with the COVID–19 pandemic. There is just that much more of a need here.”

The volunteers were able to hand out 450 boxes of food to those in need.

Tyler Gauthier, another volunteer, says, “I think it’s even more important because there is a shortage on a lot of things, and it is harder on people. Money is a little bit tighter. So anything we can do to give extra, whatever it is. I think in life there are few things there are few things that people shouldn’t live without, and that is shelter, food and education. So if we can provide one of them, food, there is the answer for that one.”

If you wish to volunteer or donate to Feeding America West Michigan, click here.