Help your community by adopting a hydrant

NEGAUNEE, Mich. (WBUP) — If you are looking for some extra practice with your snow shovel, the City of Negaunee may have the perfect opportunity for you.

The City of Negaunee is asking residents and business owners to help clear snow and ice buildup around fire hydrants in the area.

Heavy snowfall can partially bury or block fire hydrants. Buried hydrants cause dangerous delays for firefighters who are responding to emergencies.

Citizens can help clear hydrants of debris and snow. Creating a three foot circle around hydrants can help firefighters quickly locate and use hydrants.

While you already have your shovel out, another way to help is clearing snow away from doors so that medical responders can treat patients and also transport a patient who needs it to a hospital.

You can also help older neighbors in need by shoveling walkways and doorways.

For residents who are 60 and older, contact the Negaunee Senior Citizens Center at (906) 475 – 6266 for snow shoveling assistance.

Of course, fire safety and fire prevention is the number one way to avoid the fire department being called to your house.

Like many communities throughout Michigan, the City of Negaunee is short on firefighters so if you have any interest in becoming a volunteer firefighter they are taking applications.