Partridge Creek Farm Prepares to Build Farm Campus in the Spring

ISHPEMING, Mich. – Partridge Creek Farm has gone from a small garden in one man’s backyard, to a modest neighborhood garden, to their current project, a complete “Farm-Campus” in downtown Ishpeming.

Farm Director Dan Perkins says, “For just the general health of our community we want to develop that ag [agriculture] right here. We know we’re are going to have to some that indoors, we’re going to have to do some it in season extension situation like greenhouses and hoop houses, but if we are going to create a steady source of food for the U.P. We are gonna have to train some new farmers coming.”

Education will play a big role on the farm. The new facility will allow more children and volunteers to have hands-on school to farm education.

“We want to get this town to be a real model of how a community to pull themselves by their bootstraps, and turns itself into a vibrant healthy place.”

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