Marquette City Commission Puts Guidelines in Place for Trick or Treating

MARQUETTE, Mich. – The Marquette City Commission held a vote on Tuesday to put in place guidelines for Halloween this year. The commission reached a unanimous decision in regards to trick or treating.

Trick or treating has been scheduled from 4-7 pm on October 31st. They encourage participants to wear a mask and place tables out to avoid direct contact .

“Instead of having kids walk up to the door, ring the doorbell, get kind of close to the person in the home. Getting creative about how trick or treating might look. So maybe that is putting a sanitized table out on your lawn, or having a bucket of candy and sitting out on a lawn chair and talking to kids as they go by. I have seen other ideas, like a stick or treat. Where you put the candy on a stick and stick them along in the yard.” says Marquette City Mayor, Jenna Smith.

The guidelines have been set for neighboring areas such as Neguanee and Ishpeming. To see the full guidelines for trick or treating, click here.