MARQUETTE, Mich. – Social Just For Us held their first voter registration rally in Marquette today.

They want a chance for their community to engage before this upcoming election, completely unbiased and nonjudgmental of your party.

Organizer Fred Sims says, “It was just our way to do something very different in the community. We protest and spread awareness. We held educational events and this is just our way of engaging the community in a positive way.”

They provide several methods to register. By either filling out a form, requesting an absentee ballot or filling one out online. SJFU wants the message to go out and vote to reach all of the U.P.

“So many people think that the president doesn’t affect my everyday life so why get out and vote. But a lot of people don’t realize it affects your local community, from the education your children receive, to the mining commission, it affects jobs. So you really can do a lot when you get out and vote.”

The rally ended at 7pm on October 9th but you can still registrar here.