Printing Patriotism: An artistic look at American History

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLNS) – Helping the next generation understand the legacy of American heroes, check out an artistic look at American History happening right here in Marquette.

It is a rare treat to be able to see history in the making, but Mark Waterman of History America is printing patriotic creations locally.

Mark shares history in the hopes that the next generation will be inspired to learn from our past.

For over 16 years Mark Waterman has had the honor of recreating America’s past.

History America is a reminder of our patriotic and heroic legacy that raises awareness and shows respect to those who served to protect our nation.

An entrepreneur at heart, Mark was interested in history as a boy after he found out how closely his family history is linked to the country.

Although Mark always loved studying history in school, it was the firefighters and police officers heroism during 9/11 that sparked his interest in showcasing the sacrifices made by our countries first responders.

The history of that sacrifice also tells a story of diversity in American heroes.

The goal of History America is not only to remind, but impact this generation on the incredible legacy that this country has.

Posters include military branches, historic wars, first responders and sports.