Whitmer’s order opens gyms and pools, allows indoor & outdoor sports

Governor Whitmer's official press photo

LANSING — Governor Gretchen Whitmer has signed an executive order that might open the door for contact sports in the near future.

Starting next week, gyms and pools may start reopening in regions where they were closed, thanks to an executive order signed today. That order also might clear the way for organized sports in the fall.

According to the executive order, pools and gyms can reopen Wednesday the 9th, but must do so with strict safety measures in place.

These safety measures include requiring everyone to wear a mask while in a gym at all times, and making sure social distancing is enforced.

Outdoor sports are limited to 100 people or fewer in attendance, including athletes and coaches. Indoor sports are limited to the guests of the athletes, and each athlete is allowed two guests.

While contact sports aren’t prohibited at this time, The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is recommending against them. Contact sports include football, soccer, and basketball.

Sports that do resume are recommended to wash hands frequently, and not let players share towels, clothing, or other items they use to wipe their faces or hands.