NMU students to online classes for first week due to COVID-19

MARQUETTE — Due to delays in testing, Northern Michigan University will delay the start of their fall semester, and have remote instruction for their first four days.

About 7,300 tests have been completed, with roughly 3,800 results. Of the 3,800 tests, about 0.50% have come back positive.

But some students are looking at the bright side of it all.

“They’re doing a great job with social distancing and all this online stuff. It’s awesome, I’m loving it,” said Jared Cornwell, a sophomore wielding student at Northern Michigan University.

And other students think online is the best method right now.

“I would absolutely prefer to be safe,” said Cassandra Kellogg, a freshman student at Northern Michigan University. “I am kind of high risk for the coronavirus. I would much rather take a million precautions then send us to class and end up with more cases.”

NMU owned Temaki and Smoothie King will be closed for 2 weeks, due to a positive COVID test. A tentative reopen date for Monday, August 31st is set.

NMU President Fritz Erickson said, “I want to emphasize that we are only going to do remote instruction until the test results are in, then we will go to the face–to–face in–person instruction we promised.”