Former Valle’s Supermarket close to being sold, ambitious plans in works

MARQUETTE — The former Valle’s Supermarket property is being sold.

An ambitious plan to divide the inside of the building is in the works, which could bring five different businesses in at one time.

According to purchaser Joe Constance, having a convenient supermarket is important to those living in the heart of town.

“Right now, when you run out of something or you need something, whether it’s milk or whether it’s bananas, you have to go out to the superstores or if there’s a place in town,” said Constance. “So it’s a matter of convenience, and it’s a neighborhood thing.”

The ambitious project will have some type of food market in the back of the building.

Depending on how much space the supermarket needs, up to 4 other businesses could be in the building, after renovations.

Constance also plans to incorporate 2–4 food trucks in the parking lot.

A grand opening for Third Street Marketplace is coming around May 1st.