Marquette Maritime Museum hosting paranormal lighthouse tours

MARQUETTE — A local museum is hosting a unique and educational fundraiser that may send chills down your spine.

The Marquette Maritime Museum will be teaming up with Yooper Paranormal to host a one–hour paranormal investigation lighthouse tour this Friday.

While the event is sure to spook those participating, it also provides a lesson into the rich history of the area.

“Just for the history lesson,” said Meghan Soucy, Assistant Director of the museum. “It’s definitely cool to try and experience a ghost or presence, but I think it’s about thinking about all the layers of history on this point, all the people that have come through here. There has been a lot of deaths, but the US lifesaving services saved a lot of people here too, and it’s just really interesting to think about all of the history.”

Yooper Paranormal has been investigating the lighthouse since last year, and claims there are several active spirits. Some ghosts that have been spotted include a former lighthouse keeper and several children, one of whom was recorded singing “row row row your boat.”

The museum had a three hour tour scheduled for this Friday, but has since been postponed.

The next available tour will be held in October.