MARQUETTE — While many events have been cancelled throughout the UP because of the COVID–19 pandemic, a fundraiser for a local animal shelter will go on as planned.

The Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter, or UPAWS, will be holding their Tee Up 4 Tails Golf Fundraiser this Saturday as scheduled.

According to one of the fundraiser organizers, UPAWS decided to go on with the golf outing after safety protocols were assured by the golf course.

“I talked to the golf course in late April-May, and they assured me that they would be able to maintain social distancing, and they have sanitizing stations and they’ve taken a lot into account to make sure that everybody that comes to support us and play stay safe,” said Karen Rhodes, Chairperson for Tee Up 4 Tails. “Our volunteers all will have hand sanitizer and masks. I think it’ll still be a fun day, but everybody will be safe.”

Although prizes for this year’s competition have been dialed back because of the COVID–19 pandemic, local businesses still stepped up to donate to the event.

Gift certificate prizes will be handed out to the top finishers in the men’s, women’s and mixed team categories, along with the last–place finisher.

This year’s golf outing has been filled up, but those who wish to contribute to UPAWS may do so at any time at their website here.

The 23rd annual Tee Up 4 Tails Golf Fundraiser will be held this Friday at 9 am at the Marquette Golf Club.