Negaunee Public Schools bond proposal for improvements on August ballot

NEGAUNEE — The primary election is less than a month away, and one local school district will be asking voters to decide on a bond proposal that would allow for several major improvements throughout the district.

Negaunee Public Schools is asking for a .99 mill bond for a period of 25 years, which would equate to approximately a $3.90 tax increase each month for the average Negaunee homeowner, to raise a total of $8,500,000 for various projects.

The district wants to accomplish major projects at each of the buildings, including several structural, classroom, and technological improvements, and the construction of a new field house.

“We tried to hit a big project at every one of the school buildings, and also we wanted to add a facility down by our football field that would benefit all of our students as well,” said Superintendent Dan Skewis. “Even though we don’t ever want to increase anyone’s taxes, we feel that the projects that are planned will separate us from districts around us. We don’t want to be complacent, we’re always looking for areas to improve, and we feel that the upgrades that we’re going to make in this proposal will distance us from our competitors.”

Chromebooks and interactive touchscreens would be utilized for improving technology throughout the district to enhance the students learning. The Middle and High School libraries would also be renovated to update the outdated technology and provide a better and more versatile learning environment for the students.

The old tennis courts on the south end of the football stadium would be taken out for the construction of the new field house, which would allow for sports training year–round, and give the community another facility to use year–round.

“We know that we run into really rough weather, especially in the spring when those seasons are starting,” said Skewis. “We would be able to move baseball, softball, track, golf, and tennis into that building and we wouldn’t be wasting practice time with snow on the courts or on the football field. We would also allow that facility to be used by our community, so we would open it up to walking in the morning for those that want to utilize that. We would have pickleball and tennis availalbe for those that might want to play during the winter months.”

Projects that the Bond Proposal would pay for:

Lakeview Elementary School

  • Modernization of 31 classrooms
  • Upgrades of speech classrooms, guidance office, and main office
  • Create an additional Title I classroom
  • Trap/Pipe Analysis, along with replacement of steam traps
  • Replacement of windows in several classrooms
  • Purchase of 500 Chromebooks
  • Roof Repair

Negaunee Middle School

  • Replace 261 windows, including new window blind installation
  • Renovation of library
  • Technology Upgrades, including the purchase of Interactive Touchscreens for every classroom
  • Roof Repair

Negaunee High School

  • Renovation of library
  • Technology upgrades, including the purchase of Interactive Touchscreens for every classroom
  • Purchase and installation of dehumidification system in pool area
  • Boiler replacement
  • Upgrade pool locker rooms and corridor leading into the pool
  • Roof Repair

Miner Stadium

  • Removal of tennis courts on Arch Street near football field
  • Construction of a field house on the south side of the football field to be used for our athletes to train and practice year round
    • Interior surface would be suitable for a variety of sports, along with the ability to roll out carpeting/turf for baseball, softball, golf, track, and soccer use
    • NHS Marching Band could use the field house to practice their half-time and parade routines
    • Structure would be available for the community use including, but not limited to, Little League baseball and softball, soccer leagues, tennis, and pickleball
  • Update the fencing along Teal Lake Avenue, Arch Street, and Hungerford Avenue

The Bond Proposal will be on the August 4th Primary ballot.