Local businesses adjust to face mask mandate

MARQUETTE — Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s executive order requiring everyone to wear a mask indoors took effect today, and local businesses are having to adjusting to the new policy.

Everyone shopping in stores must now wear a face mask or covering, per Governor Whitmer’s executive order.¬†According to one local store manager, the public has been fairly compliant with the new policy.

“[With] today being the first day of the executive order of mandating face masks, it’s gone a little bit better than I thought it was going to,” said Mike Levine, Store Manager of Super One in Marquette. “I do believe a good portion of our customers were wearing masks, doing that right along right up ’til today.¬† We’re proud of everyone taking that step, helping us fight the fight.”

While not everyone agrees with the new policy, Levine doesn’t anticipate having instances of people disobeying the order.

Super One will have to turn away those not wearing masks, though masks are available to purchase within the store. More information on Governor Whitmer’s executive order can be found here.