Moosewood Nature Center hosts cleanup efforts at Presque Isle Park

MARQUETTE — Moosewood Nature Center is leading a community cleanup this Sunday.

The Presque Isle Park Cleanup is an ongoing summer effort to keep the area clean.

With summer upon us and more people getting outside, the park is experiencing much more traffic, resulting in much more trash and debris. These cleanups help to keep the area beautiful and healthy.

“Every other weekend we’re doing the cleanup,” explained Erik Johnson, who is on the board of directors for Moosewood Nature Center. “We meet at Moosewood Nature Center here on the island, we grab bags, and then we go out in groups and do the 2 mile walk around the island. We are doing a cleanup underwater at the boat launch over at the Upper Harbor and also at Blackrocks. People seem to enjoy doing it; they want to come out and get some fresh air and exercise and help clean up the island.”

In addition to keeping this popular local spot clean, the effort is a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors after months of staying mostly inside due to COVID-19. It also brings the community together for an important cause.

“Everybody’s been locked up and fighting all the regulations and requirements with that,” Johnson said, “So to get people to come out and enjoy the nature we have here and the togetherness that we can have keeping this island clean, I think that’s a positive thing. And I’d like to think that people just enjoy keeping this island clean and enjoyable.”

The July 5th cleanup will take place from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Details and other dates can be found here.