Norlite Nursing Center COVID-free after last patient tests negative

MARQUETTE — A local nursing home that was hit hard by the COVID–19 pandemic is now reporting that all of their residents are virus–free.

Norlite Nursing Center, which at one point had 20 coronavirus cases, announced that they are COVID–free.

According to the nursing home’s administrator, a change in testing allowed the staff to stay one step ahead of the virus, and take proper precautions when a resident showed symptoms.

“Back in April, we were pleading and begging to allow surveillance testing, and we were finally able to get access to it, and it really turned the tide of the battle,” said Wayne Johnson, Administrator for Norlite. “It allowed us to identify early on, isolate those who were presymptomatic, and allow for time for recovery. Since then, we’ve had 18 consecutive recoveries without another resident passing, and as of today, we’re happy to announce that we’re COVID-free.”

Norlite had 26 cases of coronavirus total, with 18 recoveries and 8 mortalities. Residents were tested weekly, and had to test negative twice in order to be considered recovered.

Although the nursing home doesn’t have positive cases, visitation is still prohibited, but the staff is exploring the option of supervised outdoor visits with full personal protection equipment.

Johnson is also attributing the nursing home’s recovery to the dedication and hard work of the staff.