Doulas of Marquette hosts Diaper Drive

MARQUETTE COUNTY — Doulas of Marquette is hosting a Diaper Drive beginning on June 8th to help local families with young children.

1 out of every 3 families in America struggles to afford diapers for their children, including many in the Upper Peninsula. Doulas of Marquette owner Melinda Britton says that not having enough diapers results in fewer changes each day, putting both children and parents at risk.

The Diaper Drive will help to provide families in need with supplies to get through this often challenging stage of life.

“Part of our mission is to decrease the anxiety that families feel in the child–bearing years, and this is a huge anxiety,” said Britton. “This is a huge thing that isn’t often talked about in our community—low–income families and how we can help provide, ease, and just come together as a community to support families. And we are just happy to help fill that need.”

According to Britton, this need is not only due to financial hardships caused by the pandemic. Many U-P families already struggle to afford diapers.

The Diaper Drive will allow the community to assist families by providing one of the most essential items young children require.

“Families need diapers now,” said Britton. “And we wanted to give the public an opportunity to come together to be able to provide diapers. We are encouraging people to please practice safe social distancing and wearing a mask when dropping off diapers if possible.”

The drive will end on June 20th. Drop off locations will be located at the establishments of the Diaper Drive’s sponsors, the Marquette County Health Department and Jill Leonard State Farm. Site-specific drop off information and more details can be found here.