Marquette Regional History Center set to re-open

MARQUETTE –Despite COVID–19 closing businesses for months, some organizations in the UP are finding ways to return to normal.

The Marquette Regional History Center is set to re–open on June 15th.

Cris Osier, Executive Director of the history center, says that it’s been an interesting time trying to re–open safely, but that the History Center has created ways to get back to day–to–day operations.

“What were trying to do is implement ways that we can reach both the individuals who want to come and do a museum experience and those we are still opting to stay in,” said Cris Osier, Executive Director of The Marquette Regional History Center. “Reach them virtually and engage and share the wealth of our absolutely wonderful Marquette County regional history.”

The History Center has multiple events coming up with changed formats because of COVID–19, such as their cemetery tours and historic bus tours.

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