The Crusher 2020 Bike Race adapting to the pandemic

MARQUETTE — The Crusher 2020 Enhanced Gravel Bike Race is changing it’s format this year for the first time ever.

In response to the COVID–19 pandemic, riders will have submit a series of photos and videos at check points to prove they completed the route.

The distances to choose from are 225 miles, 100 miles, 50 miles with a team, and single 50 miles, and 40 miles.

“Feeling like we could pivot while remaining very true to the mission and organization of the event,” said Todd Poquette, Director of Adventure at 906 Adventure. “We also felt like doing this, allowed us to turn an obstacle into an opportunity for people and give them something to look forward to; give them a little spark of hope.”

Riders can still register for the race until Wednesday, June. 17th and will have from July.1st-October.1st to complete the route of their choosing.

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