MCMCF held car parade to support residents

ISHPEMING — The Marquette County Medical Care Facility held a car parade for their residents on Wednesday, May.20th.

Hundreds of cars lined up outside the facility in order to get a chance to say hello to friends and family members. This was the first time residents saw guest in person since the pandemic closed their doors.

“I saw quite a few happy tears,” said Sheri Hewitt, Administrative Assistant at the Marquette County Medical Care Facility. “Even the staff, happy tears today. It’s been a very difficult road the last nine–10 weeks with this COVID–19. It’s very difficult for the residents to be sheltered from their family members when they’re use to seeing them every single day. So it was very nice to see a lot of the families come out and see their loved ones.”

The Medical Care Facility will continue to not allow visitors throughout the summer; but some restrictions can potentially be lifted in the near future.