Superior Alliance for Independent Living provides virtual activities for those with disabilities during the pandemic

MARQUETTE COUNTY — The Superior Alliance for Independent Living is providing a number of virtual activities and services for those living with disabilities during the pandemic.

Due to stay-at-home orders, most of SAIL’s regular programs and services have been unable to continue as planned. In order to prevent individuals with disabilities from feeling isolated, SAIL has come up with a calendar of events and activities that will help to keep them connected.

“Being able to see somebody’s face is really helpful versus just hearing them on the phone,” explained Sarah Peurakoski, Executive Director for SAIL. “Some of those fun things have been concert watch parties, conversations about Native American teachings, exploring different areas of the Upper Peninsula, and we’re going to do some virtual bingo. In addition to that, we’re also hosting a couple of virtual workshops that help with time management and healthy reactions for people with disabilities.”

Along with health, recreational, and training activities, they want to give people living with disabilities an opportunity to connect with both SAIL staff members, as well as others in their community.

“We got a grant through the Superior Health Foundation to make our program a little bit more robust to be able to work from home,” said Peurakoski. “So all of our staff are available to have conversations, to talk about maybe some of the needs that people have in the community because of the pandemic that’s going on. A lot of that has to do with social groups that have been reduced, so we wanted to replace that opportunity to have interactions with our staff, but then also interactions with other people in the community.”

The activities are held on SAIL’s Facebook page or YouTube channel. Additional information is available on their website.

Anyone looking for more information about the Superior Alliance for Independent Living can contact them by phone during business hours at (906) 250–2448.