Mill Creek Senior Living Community hosting Mother’s Day car parade

MARQUETTE — Social distancing protocols are making it difficult for people to visit their loved ones, so one senior living community is making accommodations for a special day.

Mill Creek Senior Living Community is holding a car parade for its residents on Mother’s Day. The parade is a good way for its residents to interact with friends and family, which is something they’ve been lacking in recent weeks.

“Obviously this is a very difficult time for our families, being separated with their loved ones for so long,” said Beth O’Connor, Activities Coordinator for Mill Creek. “Everybody is just kind of craving that interaction with their loved ones. We’ve had these  beautiful Mother’s Day teas in the past that everybody is really gonna miss this year, so I just tried to think of something that would brighten our residents’ day.”

Members of the community are invited to decorate vehicles and participate in the parade this Mother’s Day, May 10th, at 2 p.m.

More information can be found on the Mill Creek Facebook page here.