UPHS Marquette announces expanded in-house COVID-19 testing

MARQUETTE — More people in the UP now have access to COVID–19 testing, thanks to some recent developments made by UPHS.

UPHS–Marquette has announced in–house testing for the COVID–19 virus. The new testing not only helps the hospital keep up with possible COVID patients, it also helps the hospital run more efficiently.

“So having an in-house test available has been extremely helpful because we do see persons under investigation or people who present with symptoms that could be consistent with COVID-19, but having in-house testing available allows us to either rule them in or rule them out so that we can maintain a safe and efficient patient size,” said Polly Hockberger, Lab Director for UPHS-Marquette.

Although the testing capabilities have increased, UPHS Marquette is urging possible COVID–19 patients to go through the proper steps before testing.

If you’re showing COVID–19 symptoms, be sure to visit your primary care provider, where you can get screened.

Due to state testing priority guidelines, in-house COVID-19 testing and analysis is limited to individuals who meet certain criteria, including:

  • Healthcare workers
  • Patients who have been admitted to a hospital
  • Individuals presenting to the Emergency Department who are suspected to have COVID-19, or who will require hospitalization
  • Patients who require emergency surgery from high-risk facilities

For more information, including symptom checking and more, visit their website here.